Transform Your Garage Into a Home Gym with Self Storage

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Do you recall making that New Year’s resolution to stay in shape? Your plan was to exercise regularly, follow a healthy diet (that does not include leftover Christmas cookies), and get more sleep. In your pursuit of a healthier lifestyle, the first thing you did was join a local gym.

It’s wildly expensive, always crowded, and you have to actually get dressed and drive to this place. You’re intimidated by the people who look like they model for the latest issue of Real Fitness magazine and who dress in trendy, high-end workout apparel. You started yesterday and you’re already elbow deep into a tin of peanut butter cup cookies while you waste time watching Instagram reels and checking Facebook. It’s not working, and you need help.

Transform Your Garage into a Home Gym

Wouldn’t you love to wake up and go to a mini-gym that is conveniently located just a few short steps from your bedroom? You can wear whatever you please (even your PJs) and you don’t even have to brush your teeth. Getting that workout in early will set a positive tone for your entire day. If you prefer, you can work out at the end of the day. One of the perks of having a gym in your home is that you can exercise on your schedule.

If you’re short on room for a home gym in the house, think about using your garage. You can turn it into a great mini-gym with all of the equipment you need right at your fingertips. It may take some time, and you’ll need to lease a self storage unit for the clutter; but, in the end, you’ll be working on your health and strength at home! 

Read more to discover how to create a personalized version of a gym that is a perfect fit for you.  

Use Self Storage to Clear it Out

If you decide to use your garage, you’ll typically find that it has become a repository for everything that you don’t want to keep in the house. Unopened boxes from your last move, Christmas decorations, craft supplies, and useless junk are taking up valuable space. This is why you need to rent a convenient, secure self storage unit. Before you read further check out our previous article What to Look for When Choosing a Self Storage Facility.

Take everything out of the space you’ve decided to use and place it in three groups: keep, discard, and donate. The items you’re keeping will get packed up and put in storage, and the items you’re discarding will get packed up for the trash. The items you’re donating can be placed in storage until you decide who is getting what. You’re focused on your home gym right now; self storage gives you a place to keep the donations until later.

Give Your Space a Deep Clean

Now that you’ve emptied your space, it’s time for a deep clean. The best way to ensure that you don’t miss any dirt is to work from the top down. Start with the ceiling, move to the walls, and then down to the floor. You’ll need to dust and scrub everything before you get to the fun of making the space appealing as well as functional.

Spruce it Up

Paint the walls and ceiling an appealing, bright color and install good lighting. You want to be able to use this space at any time of day. Flooring is important. If you’re using your garage, a cold, cement floor is not the most comfortable place to work out. If you’re using a carpeted room in your home, it won’t wear well under heavy workout equipment. The best option is laminate flooring; and, if you want to spend a bit more, you can opt for jigsaw interlocking floor mats. If you choose the laminate, you’ll need to consider purchasing some type of exercise mat.

Don’t forget about ventilation. You don’t want to be exercising in uncomfortable conditions. If the garage isn’t already temperature-controlled, you can look into portable units that will do the job. 

Make it Your Happy Place

Watching TV or listening to music makes it easier to motivate yourself to work out. If it fits your budget, a wall-mounted TV with a sound system is perfect. You can use it for watching TV and listening to music. Not essential, but fun. 

Equip it Properly

Purchasing the right equipment can be a challenge. Where do you begin? Think about your goals and what you want to achieve. If you’re experienced, you’re already aware of your specific needs, but where do you find the right equipment at the right price? Do you want a bike, treadmill, weights, or a freestanding punching bag? If you’re a newbie, check out the verywell fit site for help. This site explains different types of setups, cost, safety, and other handy hints.

Don’t forget about shelving or storage for your weights, kettlebells, and other small items. 

Enjoy Yourself

You’ve moved all the clutter to your self storage unit, and you’re gradually finishing your home gym. Get the TV connected, fire up the sound system, and you’ll be ready to enjoy your workouts without the hassle of costs, commutes, or expensive gym clothes. 

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