Holiday Storage: Your Everything Guide to Storing Seasonal Items

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Americans have been spending a lot less on holiday decorations in recent years. It’s a lot better for the environment – and your wallet – to keep using the same decor year after year.

But, you might be struggling with your storage options for these decorations after the holidays are over.

Luckily, we’re here to help you out. Read on for our top holiday storage tips.

Prepare Your Decorations For Storage

Before storing your holiday decorations, make sure to clean them thoroughly. Remove any dust, dirt, or stains. Organize similar holiday items together, such as ornaments, lights, and figurines.

Don’t overpack storage containers, as heavy items can cause damage to the decorations inside. Distribute weight evenly and consider using multiple containers if needed.

Invest in sturdy holiday storage containers. Plastic bins with secure lids are a popular choice. Avoid using cardboard boxes as they may attract pests and are susceptible to moisture damage.

Fragile decorations like glass ornaments should be individually wrapped in tissue paper or bubble wrap to prevent breakage. Place them in separate compartments or use dividers within the storage container to provide extra protection.

If you plan to utilize a self-storage unit for your long-term storage needs, make sure you pick the right company. Choose a personal storage company with proper climate control and that is maintained well.

What Shouldn’t You Store?

There are some items that aren’t suited for storage in self-storage units. Any holiday decor items that pose a fire hazard should not be stored in a self-storage unit. This includes items like fireworks, pyrotechnics, flammable sprays, or highly combustible decorations.

If you have delicate or valuable holiday decor items with sentimental or monetary value, it’s best to avoid storing them in a self-storage unit. Irreplaceable items like family heirlooms, antiques, or valuable collectibles can be better protected at home or in a secure environment.

Storing Christmas Lights

You might be wondering about Christmas lights specifically. You can store Christmas lights in self-storage as long as you take the right measures. Place your Christmas lights in a suitable container to protect them from damage.

You can use specialized storage reels, cord organizers, or even a simple cardboard spool to wrap the lights around. Avoid using plastic bags or flimsy containers that can easily tear.

When wrapping the lights around a spool or reel, avoid bending the wires too tightly, as this can cause damage. Maintain a loose and gentle wrap to preserve the integrity of the wires.

Store your Christmas lights on elevated shelves or pallets within the storage unit to protect them from potential water damage. Keeping them off the floor also minimizes the risk of pests and rodents reaching the lights.

Holiday Storage: Now You Know

Use these holiday storage tips to keep all of your seasonal items safe. That way, you’ll be able to enjoy them during the holidays for years to come!

Are you searching for self-storage units for your holiday storage? Contact Handy Storage today to get started.

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